Yesterday, I had a drawing session with art model, Kaito.
This time, I would like to encourage my image of Japanese myth, especially one of the most famous male god, called Susano-oh.
Susano-oh is an aggressive and violent and beat the eight-headed dragon and saved nearly sacrificed Kushinada, young goddess. The story is very similar to  the one that of Perseus and Andromeda. To build the Susano-oh images, it is crucial to grasp speedy and vigorous movement of whole male body.
Some art learners think they cannot keep the whole image of model in short time, which means they think they can keep it if they have enough time.

Is that true? If you have a chance join a drawing session, please try to draw in 7 minutes, 4 times. Then after that, try 1-min. drawing, 28 times.
After that, please compare the w-min. works and 1-min. works. You will surely find you could catch and show more information in 1-min. drawings.